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Tired of cold floors, drafty rooms, or uneven temperatures throughout your house? We can help.


Save money on your heating and cooling bills, throughout the year!


Improve your home's indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of mold and other home health hazards.

Temperature Control

Keep your whole house comfortable throughout the year, without wasting money on high energy bills!

Time to keep cool

As the temperature heats up, keep your house comfortable using energy saving systems.

Full Service Heating, Cooling, and Ventillation Company Servicing the Brooklyn, Manhattan areas.


Bright Star Service is fully insured licensed HVAC contractors. From installation, to service and maintenace contracts we shine with our knowlagble staff, and great customer service team. 

We strive not only to make you a happy customer today, also for the years to come. From routine maintenace to replacement of parts our goal is too keep you in a comfortable setting.



Fast Project Completion


Our teams are designed to be quick and effecient at each service call. Install Teams will have the units installed quickly and maintain the cleanleness, of the space. The Service Team is a group of professional technians that are constantly learning to improve their trade. Thier goal is to diagnosis the root cause of the problem and then return the system back to running order.