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Call Us for a Free Estimate For Your New Installation

We Offer Financing!

Heating System Installation

Energy Efficient Heating Systems for your residential or commercial building

Heating Experience you can trust

At Bright Star Service, we have installed energy efficient heating systems in Brooklyn and Manhattan for over 13 years. We have the experience to properly size, spec, and install your heating system for maximum efficiency and comfort. If you’re Brooklyn or Manhattan building is in need of a heating system upgrade, contact us today.

Expertly Designed Heating Systems

As a certified Passive House Mechanical Contractor, we know that heating systems don’t stop at the furnace. The entirety of the heating system needs to be taken into account. We have built up a solid reputation within the industry for high quality duct work and ventilation. The thoughtful process of designing and installing efficient duct work as part of your heating system is paramount to achieving energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Hot Water Heating Systems

Bright Star Service also offers installments of energy efficient Hot Water Heaters. Our team of expert installers complete hot water projects in a timely manor to ensure that you are with hot water as soon as possible.

Right now upgrading a buildings hot water heater is more affordable than before. ConEdisonGreen Team has announced rebates up to $400 under The Heating and Cooling Rebates for Homes Program. Products include :

  • Stand Alone Heaters
  • Tankless Heaters
  • Indirect Hot Water Heaters

Let our Team help you with the rebate process and explain which hot water system upgrade is best for your building. Contact us today!

Whatever your heating system need, Bright Star Service has the solution you’re looking for. Give us a call today: (516) 341-0117

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